Early Access Now Available

The new chapter of the Supercross videogame series is now available in early access for PS4 and Xbox One.
The adventure on the tracks continues with great news, first of all, the “Rider Agenda”.

The centerpiece of this new adventure is undoubtedly the new Career Mode that, compared to the previous version, gives the player the chance to independently manage the activities of his rider during the season of the championship. This new version allows players to have total autonomy on the progress of his rider’s career. In addition to the challenge weekends, each player can focus himself on training sessions, meetings with journalists, looking for more prestigious sponsors and exciting challenges in the new Compound Area.
Each activity performed consents to your avatar to stand out from other riders, collecting Fame points, the best sponsors, new Compound areas for challenges and training.

One of the elements that will characterize precisely the new title is the Compound. The game development process has allowed us to create an even more interactive area, where players can spend time trying the challenges within it. Each challenge allows you to unlock new layouts of the Compound and new challenges to face. Running free and without limits is really fun for every rider, which is why this year too much attention has been paid to the Compound and attention to detail. The new map just waiting to be explored in every corner!
You have already had a taste of the potential of the new Track Editor, the most creative players will have a lot of work to discover all the elements that can be used for their Custom Tracks. Once again, this year you will be able to create your own track and add it to the list of tracks made by the community. Every other player can download the track you have created and run inside. Which one will be the most played?
While for some people the Arena has already opened up for new and exciting adventures, we remind to all players who do not have early access that the official release of Supercross 2 The Game on all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch) is scheduled for February 8th.
Ready to finally live like real champions?


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