First Patch Available Now on PS4, Xbox One and PC/Steam

We’re so proud to announce that the efforts of our DEV team are finally taking concrete shape with the first full update. All your suggestions sent to our Customer Support and on our social channels have been gathered and are currently under scrutiny. We’re working on most of them right now and we’ll be able to address most of them in the patches to be released in the weeks to come. In the meanwhile, should you encounter bugs, or should you feel the need to share with us your suggestions, please do so through our Customer Support:


But let’s go a bit more in-depth on what you’ll find in today’s update:

With this patch we give you all the chance to create your own custom Championship, using the endless possibilities given by choosing custom tracks from the Track Editor. This will empower you, players, to create entirely custom competitions and everchanging events for your Championship that you will play with your friends.
ELO is now implemented in the game. With the ELO system, you’ll be now matched with people with a similar level of skill as yours, so competition will be fairer.
We made small tweaks to the Track Editor in order to improve its usability, thus allowing to create your tracks more effectively.
Notification Center has received minor fixes to improve its usage and better convey information.
Minor changes to UI have been implemented as well. These changes will improve readability and the general appeal of certain UI aspects.
Minor online fixes have been made to improve the general online experience.

But we know some of you really can’t do without a bullet-point so here it is:

• Added custom tracks available for custom Championship
• Added Elo support
• Improved Track Editor usability
• Improved Notification Center
• Minor online fixes
• Minor UI fixes

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