Manage your Agenda and live like a real champion

For the new chapter of the series dedicated to the world championship of Supercross we decided to introduce important news to the career, with the purpose of making it even more exciting for all our players.

But, how we could achieve this goal without running the risk of making some mistakes.

The desire to discover new solutions has led us to look for help from our heroes of Supercross, and thanks to them we have learned what live like a real champion really means.

To be a real rider, it is not enough to just ride a motorbike and go hunting for trophies. What really recognize a real champion are above all training sessions, meetings with fans, press conferences; but none of this would be possible without a good organization and a concrete time management.

That’s why we decided to develop a completely new career mode, able to reproduce in the most faithful way the lifestyle of the greatest Supercross riders.

The new Agenda will help you to face this new adventure on two wheels and will finally give you the opportunity to live a complete riding experience, just like your idols.

Start your career with the 250SX classes, then move on to 450SX and progressively increase the number of commitments in your Personal Agenda.

Thanks to this new career structure, you can manage your Rider’s week up to the most important races. Every Weekend, in fact, will be dedicated to the Championships, while for the other five days, you can focus on: Workouts, Rider Challenges, Rest Days, Fame Activities and Sponsor Days.

Each of these activities will consume a slot-day within the Agenda.

– Workouts will be essential if you want to improve your skills and be ready for the most difficult challenges.

– The Rider Challenges are “timed races” that will allow you to challenge your rivals. In this case, the playing field will be the Compound with two different types of competitions: the 1vs1 or the Time Attack!

– The Sponsor Days will help you get noticed by the sponsors within the game, based on your level of fame you can be selected by increasingly prestigious sponsors.

– The Fame Activities are two types of events that will allow you to increase the fame points of your Rider. Interviews with journalists and meetings with fans will be essential if you want to become a famous rider.

In the beginning of each championship or at the end of each week you can fill the slots of your Agenda and decide what activities you will do on a given day.

So, are you ready to live like a real champion?

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