New Patch available now

This patch is all about the community’s feedback while adding one of your favorite features: the Online Championship.
With the Online Championship, you’ll be able to organize a Championship in order to play with your friends. Gather some of your friends and let the race begin! Do you want to challenge your friends on the official tracks or you’re more into picking one of the best tracks made by the community? With the Online Championship, you’ll be able to compete at your own rules!

After listening to your feedback, we’ve made some tweaks on the cornering and scrubbing in the game, in order to make them more responsive to your inputs. We’ve even slightly modified the game progression, so you’ll get more value from playing the game! And finally, we have unlocked the Red Plate for the 450 classes!

Talking about customization, we’ve modified the plate numbers so now they can become bigger than before, while the problems with plates, numbers and clothing items are now solved.
We’ve made some improvements with the track editor, as long as modules are concerned.
A fix pass on UI and in-game graphics have been made, with minor fixes implemented.

Here is the summary of the new patch

  • Add Online Championship

  • Tweaked physics for cornering and scrub manoeuvre

  • Increased credits earnings

  • Improved track editor modules

  • Tweaked plate number size customization

  • Fixed unlock inferno boots

  • Fixed unlock number 1 in rider customization

  • Fixed unlock Donald Braap trophy

  • Fixed red plate for 450 championship

  • Minor online fixes

  • Minor UI fixes

  • Minor graphics fixes

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