The Game

Live like a champion


Start your career and chase the glory

The Career of Supercross 2 has been developed to offer players an engaging and progressive gaming experience, focused on three main milestones:


Useful to receive the attentions of increasingly prestigious Sponsors.


An indicator that establishes the competition among the various riders.


Unlock new game contents raising experience points at every challenge.

Player Profile

Player Profile

Keep an eye on your Single/Multi player statistics thanks to the Player Profile, which will keep you constantly updated on your progress within Monster Energy Supercross 2, on the experience gained and on the feats you have made.

Track Editor

A Much more powerful track editor

Many more modules and options! Pick your stadium, create your track, and upload it for everyone.

Interactive Celebrations

Interactive Celebrations

Celebrate your victories with the Interactive Celebrations: end the race with SUPER cool poses.

More customizations than you know

Customization is a key concept within Supercross 2. Customize a large number of elements, both aesthetical and mechanical.


Make your own rider before starting a career.


Choose the style that best suits you.


Select the bike of your dreams in two different 250/450 SX classes.


Add the components you prefer and make your bike unique.

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